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Educational Innovation GrantSDEA/NEA State ESP of the Year AwardSDEA/NEA Human and Civil Right Awards (SuAnne Big Crow Award & Taking a Stand Award)SDEA/NEA Friend of Education AwardGordon Horgen Scholarship

The South Dakota Education Association/NEA is calling for applications for the new Gordon Horgen Memorial Scholarship, which will be awarded to Native American students who are planning on entering the teaching profession. This scholarship was created by the 2014 Representative Assembly to honor the late Gordon Horgen from Winner.

Throughout his 41 years as a science teacher, Gordon Horgen was an advocate for all students. He wanted to help them succeed at their highest potential and capability. To better understand the Native American Culture, he attended multiple workshops on the USD campus in Vermillion and attended another two-day workshop with Native American instructors and guest speakers in Mission, SD. Additionally, Gordon was always open for dialog with parents and community leaders. Gordon used these experiences to incorporate more hands-on examples and experiments into his science courses and related various complex scientific theories to things more readily observed in nature. Gordon’s advocacy was also evident in his teaching Sinte Gleska College Classes at night for over ten years in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s in his classroom at Winner High School.

The Association may annually award up to four $750 scholarships for each academic year.  The scholarships are open to Native American high school seniors or college sophomores who are planning on going into the teaching profession. 

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Ramia Boersma Scholarship
The South Dakota Education Association/NEA awards scholarships to outstanding students who are planning on entering the teaching profession. The Association may annually award up to three $750 scholarships for each academic year.

Must be submitted by February 15.

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Honored Women Educators of South Dakota (Annie D. Tallent Club 1954-1993)
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The purpose of HWE of South Dakota is to recognize outstanding South Dakota women educators and to promise better relationships among women engaged in educational work.

Nominees should have worked in the field of education in South Dakota for a minimum of ten years. Be active members of SDEA/NEA (if retired, they should have been active members during their teaching careers), be fully qualified educationally for their field of work, and have made major contributions in the area of education. Nominees also should have been active in their communities and exhibit character traits worthy of the honor of membership.

Deadline for Nomination is May 15

Please Do not divulge the nominations to the nominee. Send the nomination forms and letters of recommendation to:
Debra A. Debates
729 20th Avenue
Brookings, SD 57006

Notice of Eligibility
Nominees for the Honored Women Educators of South Dakota must:
  1. Be active in education at present and a member of SDEA. Or, if retired, the nominee must have been an SDEA member during her active career. Preference is given to active members.
  2. Have a minimum of four years of college.
  3. Should have spent at least ten years in the field of education.
Eligibility: Eligible for membership are classroom teachers, principals, superintendents, librarians, supervisors, rural school teachers and former educators.

Note: Several letters of recommendation from other educators should accompany the nomination forms.
Remember: The woman you are nominating should NOT be told of her nomination.
SDEA/NEA Larry Mintzlaff Memorial (Lifetime) AwardSDEA Racial Justice Grant
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