Member Voices
Meghan Wounded Head, Sioux FallsI'm Meghan Wounded Head, and I teach Accelerated English 2 and AP Literature. This is my eighteenth year of teaching, the past seven at Sioux Falls Washington High School. While I've only been a member of SDEA/SFEA for a few years, I originally joined for security/protection. Serving as high school director for my local, SDEA/SFEA has really given me a spark. As I've grown to further understand the advocacy of SDEA/SFEA, I now know my role in SFEA to give teachers a voice and a positive boost so we can do what's best for our students. I want my colleagues to know we are there for one another and when united, we are stronger. That's what is most important to me - support and collegiality. We all do good things for the children we see every day; Let's support one another along the way. SDEA/SFEA gives us the platform to do that.
Alison TerHorst, Sioux Falls My Name is Alison TerHorst and I am a teacher at Washington High School in Sioux Falls. I teach Psychology I & II, AP Psychology, and Teacher Pathway. I have been teaching for 14 years and have been a part of SDEA for 14 years. To be honest, in the beginning I joined because it sounded like a good protection plan, like insurance. I don’t think I fully understood what the SDEA did. But after building relationships with the past two presidents of the SFEA Pam Oberempt, and Tony Martinet, I am so appreciative of everything they do to support me. I have had a lot of medical scares in my family and the presidents have always helped me know how much time I get and really just helped me in both professional and personal ways. Every year there is something different that I find to appreciate.
What's Happening
A professional organization working hard for educators, so they can continue to work hard for our kids.
Buildings, busses, classes and curriculum. Schoolbooks, pencils, homework and grades. Parents and teachers. Budgets. Taxes. It's easy to get lost in the details when we consider everything educators do to provide the best education for South Dakota's children. The SDEA encourages you to pause and remember: It's about our kids.
What the South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) stands for
Advocating New Directions for Public Education
The SDEA works with our state's elected officials to ensure the best possible outcomes for students and members. Recent accomplishments include improved teacher pay across the state of South Dakota.
Influencing the Decision-Making Process at Local, Regional, State and National Levels
The SDEA works with local leaders to promote increased education funding for a safe and secure learning environment where students are comfortable and eager to learn, and by seeking out the best teachers and education support personnel for South Dakota's schools.
Strengthening the State's Education Workforce
All South Dakota educators benefit from the work of the SDEA, who makes the state's education workforce stronger as a whole.
Empowering Educators Across the State
Through professional development sessions and trainings, the SDEA encourages all educators to continue to develop their craft with hands-on learning.
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