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SDEA Health and Safety Survey

In almost every school across South Dakota, there seems to be a conversation that is happening again, and again, and again - How safe is the environment our educators teach in every day? How safe is the environment our students learn in?
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SDEA understands the importance of health and safety in our school communities that our students learn in and that our staff work in. Please fill out the survey below so that we can best advocate for you and your school community. SDEA will treat individual responses to this survey confidentially. Your response will not be shared with your employer or any other parties. 

Estimated Time to Complete Survey: 5 minutes

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It's about our kids.

The South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) is a professional organization working hard for educators, so they can continue to work hard for our kids. SDEA members provide a wide range of professional education services in communities throughout the state.