Legal Services
SDEA provides an array of legal services to its members. The Association has made an unwavering commitment to protect the rights of South Dakota's educators and improve the power of our collective voice as well as their individual rights. SDEA has a full time attorney on staff. We also provide Educator Liability Insurance and have an Attorney Referral program.

SDEA's General Counsel represents SDEA members each school year in a variety of employment matters, including contract enforcement, licensure, suspension, dismissal, and other employment related matters. Representation is not guaranteed and is determined on a case by case basis. Our goal is to protect members' rights as they work to make public schools great for every child.

In addition, the legal services staff works with the SDEA Lobbying team on legislative matters and analyzes legislation that affects South Dakota's public schools. Our attorney also serves as legal counsel to the Board of Directors.

Contact your local Uniserv Director for more information on how to access SDEA's legal services.