Tips & Tools

What to Say to an Angry Parent

Whenever I had an upset parent, I’d say: I wish I had more parents like you. That always elicited a ‘huh?’ type response. Then I’d elaborate: I wish more parents cared about their child as you do. It had the immediate effect of lowering their resistance, which let us continue without rancor.

'I lost the lid!'?

We save every lid from our used up or dried out dry erase markers and glue sticks. This way when caps go “mysteriously missing” we can quickly save them from drying out.

Read Across America

Read Across America Library Grants are back!

Beach Ball Toss

To give my third-grade students a sense of the earth’s land-to-water ratio, we toss a beach ball that’s decorated as the globe.

Mystery Skyping into History

Our class has created a twist on the Mystery Skype game where classes connect and ask each other questions to identify each other’s location.

Terminology Bingo

Try this fun way to master terminology.

Teacher Yearbooks Welcome New Teachers

Helps new teachers get to know their fellow staff members.

Pom-pom Dry Erasers

Easy and cheap solution to help cut down on tissue waste.

Bagels and Fruit

See how one school uses hospitality to welcome new teachers.

Beginning Board Reports

I used this technique successfully with World History and American History classes, as well as with special education classes, to help students get settled and start work immediately upon entering my classroom.