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Freedom to Learn

Educators are committed to teaching students a full history, including the good and bad, while helping them develop the critical thinking skills that enable them to be productive citizens committed to our country's great promise; that we are all created equal. State standards should help students develop the necessary critical thinking skills to aid them in becoming productive members of our society. Students deserve standards that challenge them to meet their fullest potential while having the freedom to learn in an environment where they can pursue their passions.

Counseling Students From Home

School counselors and psychologists are vital in helping students survive the disruption and isolation of Corona virus. How are college students coping with going directly from being newly independent to back at home all day? How can parents help high school students dealing with missing out on things like prom and state sports tournaments?

Self-Care and Distance Learning Resources While Working and Learning from Home

Self-Care and Distance Learning Resources While Working and Learning from Home

PBS LearningMedia

In this one-hour virtual learning seminar, PBS master trainers and educators share tips and techniques to support engaging, effective distance learning. Educators of children of all ages are introduced to virtual learning technologies, tools, and hacks to set up a digital classroom with confidence.

Schools and Coronavirus: What You Should Know

The recent outbreak and spread of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has prompted a great deal of media attention and questions and concerns on the impact it will have on schools.

Lobby Line

Want to lend your voice to the debate? Lobby Line provides you with tools to contact your legislators while they are in Pierre and back home in their districts.

Read Across America

Read Across America is a great way to encourage student to love reading books from cover-to-cover with passion. Reading this issue of the Educators’ Advocate from cover-to-cover is a great way for you to get your hands on some the great books that have been featured in the NEA’s Year-Round Calendar.

Bridge Scavenger Hunt

Summer is upon us and normally this is a time when educators are continuing their education to renew their teaching certificate or to help them become even more awesome than they already are! But, how are you going to do this in the age of social distancing?

5 Steps to Get Rid of Back-to-School Anxiety

Start the year strong and curb back-to-school jitters with these tips and ideas from educator, educational speaker and author, Dr. Harry Wong.

Podcast: Professional Development for ESP

Andrea Beeman, an 18-year paraeducator from Maple Heights, OH, shares the ins and outs of professional development for ESP and the benefits of PD.