South Dakota teacher pay slipping near national bottom

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - While South Dakota’s teacher shortage is looking slightly more optimistic compared to this time last year, the conversation over pay and benefits is still a driving force in keeping those jobs open.

2023 Election Winners

2023 SDEA Election results

2023 SDEA/NEA Election

SDEA/NEA Candidate Statements for the upcoming 2023 election.

SDEA Responds to the Adoption of Social Studies Standards by the South Dakota Board of Education Standards

Pierre - The South Dakota Board of Education Standards (SD BOES) adopted the proposed social studies standards. The following comments can be attributed to South Dakota Education (SDEA)President Loren Paul in response to the board’s decision:

Social Studies Standards Debate in SD Enters Home Stretch

The state Board of Education Standards could take action at its April meeting on the latest content plan for K-12 social studies classes. The road map for updating what is taught for the subject has been rocky after the first plan was scrapped in 2021. Recent tension has largely centered around forcing younger students to focus more on memorization as opposed to developing critical thinking skills.

Educators and parents protest proposed social studies standards

“Parents and teachers were not involved in this set of proposed social studies standards, and that’s an issue because the parents and teachers are the ones that’ll be living these standards another issue we have with the standards is a lot of them are misplaced within the gray bands and our younger students will be learning things like politics and warfare that are just not appropriate for there age group,” said Rapid City teacher Jennifer Macziewski.

MACZIEWSKI: Social studies standards are not feasible

I am a passionate teacher of early learners. Last year I was recognized as regional teacher of the year. I strongly oppose the social studies content standards currently being considered by the South Dakota Board of Education Standards. To understand why, let me tell you more about a typical day in my classroom.

SD House Republican lawmakers want school choice in state

“Let’s be clear, these two bills are voucher bills,” said Sandra Waltman, Government Relations and Communications Director for the South Dakota Education Association (SDEA). “Vouchers are when we take your tax dollars and give them to private schools, who get to pick and choose who their students are.”

SD educators worry new bill would lessen public school funding

PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) –Two groups of South Dakota educators are speaking out against a legislative bill they argue would take away funding from the state’s public schools.

Statement from SDEA Executive Director on the Recently Revised Social Studies Standards

Pierre – The South Dakota Department of Education released revisions to the proposed social studies standards. The following comments can be attributed to South Dakota Education (SDEA) Executive Director Ryan Rolfs.