Member Voices
I joined Aberdeen’s Education Association for the protection. However, I never imagined the opportunities that would be available through our Association. Three years ago I got my start by joining the negotiations committee, now I serve on the SDEA Board of Directors. I am also the vice-president of elementary schools at the local level... Read More »
Being an SDEA member is important to me because it is about giving a collective voice to the people that work with our kids on a daily basis. As a fifth year teacher, I believe that it is important to give encouragement and guidance to new educators entering the profession. When we work together for a common goal we can have a strong impact. When you belong to something it is vital to talk about how we can work together to make a positive impact ... Read More »
What's Happening
Schools and students making progress
KELO AM-FM-Oct 24, 2016
President of the South Dakota Education Association, Mary McCorkle says the reports shows almost 70% of schools are progressing, with 5% ...
STARS Lining Up for South Dakota Teachers, Students
Public News Service-Oct 14, 2016
Mary McCorkle, president of the South Dakota Education Association, said it takes cooperation. "Everyone in the education community working ...
The Worst-Paid Teachers in America Are Actually Getting a Raise
Pierre - Teachers in South Dakota are, on average, the worst paid educators in America, earning about...
Tips & Tools
Thanksgiving Ideas for the Classroom
By Phil Nast, retired middle school teacher and freelance writer
Use these interdisciplinary lesson plans, activity ideas, and other resources to teach and celebrate Thanksgiving in your classroom
Read More »
A professional organization working hard for educators, so they can continue to work hard for our kids.
Buildings, busses, classes and curriculum. Schoolbooks, pencils, homework and grades. Parents and teachers. Budgets. Taxes. It's easy to get lost in the details when we consider everything educators do to provide the best education for South Dakota's children. The SDEA encourages you to pause and remember: It's about our kids.
What the South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) stands for
Advocating New Directions for Public Education
The SDEA works with our state's elected officials to ensure the best possible outcomes for students and members. Recent accomplishments include improved teacher pay across the state of South Dakota.
Influencing the Decision-Making Process at Local, Regional, State and National Levels
The SDEA works with local leaders to promote increased education funding for a safe and secure learning environment where students are comfortable and eager to learn, and by seeking out the best teachers and education support personnel for South Dakota's schools.
Strengthening the State's Education Workforce
All South Dakota educators benefit from the work of the SDEA, who makes the state's education workforce stronger as a whole.
Empowering Educators Across the State
Through professional development sessions and trainings, the SDEA encourages all educators to continue to develop their craft with hands-on learning.
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