Member Advocacy
Advocating for Members at the State Level
While you are educating South Dakota's students, SDEA/NEA is working with state legislators and the Governor to ensure that our laws and policies benefit both the needs of students and educators. SDEA's Executive Director, President and Government Relations Director serve as your chief lobbyists with our elected leaders. They are guided by SDEA's Legislative agenda which is determined by the membership at the annual SDEA Representative Assembly.

Advocating for Members at the Local Associations and Member
Decisions affecting educators are not only made in Pierre. Through our UniServ program, SDEA/NEA members and local associations receive expert help in bargaining and contract representation in their local school districts. SDEA/NEA members are provided with $1,000,000 in professional liability insurance. Furthermore, members may be eligible to receive advice and possible assistance from one of our UniServ Directors or General Counsel on employment-related issues.