Quick List of Events
2                  Read Across America
Budget Committee
                Tri-State Summit: Creating Thriving Learning Environments for ALL Students @ Sioux City, IA
12               Last Day Legislative Session
15                SDEA Board of Directors Budget Call
16               Western Unit Mini RA 
21               Plains Unit Mini RA 
23               EGL Unit Mini RA 
24               SEE Unit Mini RA
26               Eastern Prairie Unit Mini RA  @ Sioux Falls – 5:30pm
28                Dr. Donna Beegle: Breaking the Iron Cage of Poverty
28                ESP Advisory Council Meeting @ Pierre – 10:30 – 11:30am
29                SDEA Board of Directors Conference Call

2–3             SDEA Board of Directors
3–4             SDEA RA
                SDEA Election Begins
10              Good Friday (offices closed)
13               SDEA Election Closes
24              Election Committee
30               Eastern Prairie Unit Mtg