Jen - Dell Rapids, SD

When Jen’s not teaching her 8th grade students the importance of mathematics and community, she’s running her local farmer’s market or casting a line in her favorite river. But there’s more to her than meets the eye. Learn more about how Jen puts her heart into everything she does.

Adam - Brookings, SD

From the classroom to the soccer field, teaching is just one part of Adam’s role as a teacher.  Adam proudly wears other hats and loves incorporating the skills he’s learned from those roles into the classroom. Learn more about Adam and how his passions motivate him to be the best teacher he can be.

Cece - Estelline, SD

Working hard to educate her kindergarteners, Cece understands the importance of school and how it helps shape us. Utilizing her experience from the family farm and leaning on her community to help teach her students, are just a few ways Cece excels at her job. But, outside of the classroom, who is she? Learn more about Cece and how she found her calling to be a teacher.

Roxanne - Miller, SD

Despite losing her classroom in a school fire, Roxanne continues to give her students the best education she can. Learn more about Roxanne and how one tragedy has taught her the true meaning of perseverance.

Jennifer - Rapid City, SD

Recognized as the Regional Teacher of the year, Jen is more than just a leader in her school. When she’s not teaching her students about the joys of learning, she's spending time with her family in the great outdoors. Learn more about Jen and how she’s made it her goal to teach her students to enjoy learning as much as she does.

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