Lobby Line

Want to lend your voice to the debate? Lobby Line provides you with tools to contact your legislators while they are in Pierre and back home in their districts.

Read Across America

Read Across America is a great way to encourage student to love reading books from cover-to-cover with passion. Reading this issue of the Educators’ Advocate from cover-to-cover is a great way for you to get your hands on some the great books that have been featured in the NEA’s Year-Round Calendar.

All educators are superheroes.

All educators are superheroes. You use your superpowers to accomplish a lot, often in a short amount of time, including reading the Educators Advocate from cover to cover. For that, you shall be rewarded. How?

5 Steps to Get Rid of Back-to-School Anxiety

Start the year strong and curb back-to-school jitters with these tips and ideas from educator, educational speaker and author, Dr. Harry Wong.

Podcast: Professional Development for ESP

Andrea Beeman, an 18-year paraeducator from Maple Heights, OH, shares the ins and outs of professional development for ESP and the benefits of PD.

Three Ways To Calm Classroom Chaos

Are your students being chatty? Or bothering their classroom neighbors? Try these methods for restoring order to your lessons. Adapted from an online discussion.

Podcast: The Virtue of Patience in the Classroom

Erika Fehr, a general elementary school paraeducator in Helena, MT, talks about the virtue of patience and keeping that tranquil mindset in the classroom.

9 Ways to Stretch Your Back-To-School Budget

Cut the cost of out-of-pocket classroom expenses with these savvy money-saving tips.

How Savi Helps Educators Find Student Loan Debt Relief

Use this easy, interactive tool to find out which student loan forgiveness programs and repayment plans you qualify for and can save you the most money.

A Cure for Spring Fever

Dave Foley, a retired Cadillac, Michigan, middle and high school teacher and the author of The Ultimate Classroom Control Handbook, used to take his class outside but only if every student in it had been listening and participating in his indoor lessons.