Vote No on Amendment C


Use Your Educator Voice: Vote No on Amendment C

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South Dakotans for Fair Elections, the campaign formed to oppose Amendment C, is comprised of a broad coalition of individuals and organizations that span industries and partisan politics, working to ensure that South Dakota’s ballot initiative measures, constitutional amendment, and referred measure process stay intact.  The Board of Directors for the South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) has joined this effort and it urges our members to join us by voting no on Amendment C in the June 7 primary.  

Amendment C will lead to unintended consequences for our state. It’s confusing, unnecessary, risky, and it will permanently change our constitution in ways we can’t even imagine yet. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

Here’s the fine print: Amendment C would permanently change our constitution to end majority rule for ballot measures, allowing a small minority to block important decisions that most voters want. It shreds the sacred “majority rules” tradition this country and our state was founded on. 

Amendment C is also unconstitutional, and a lawsuit has already been filed against it. 

The truth is that out-of-state lobbyists and special interests will be the real winners if Amendment C passes. Amendment C gives power to special interests while undermining the will of South Dakota voters – perhaps that’s why an out-of-state special interest group is bankrolling the campaign to pass it. 

Lastly, consider this: if Amendment C passes, it will take just 41% of voters to block funding for important programs, including funding for public schools, law enforcement, rural health centers, and nursing homes, – the list goes on. We can’t allow our state to be held hostage by just a few people. 

Amendment C would profoundly impact South Dakota’s long history of voter engagement at the ballot box since creating the ballot initiative process in 1898. Since then, South Dakotans have regularly been asked to play a role in policy-making. Yet, for over 124 years, South Dakotan voices, including those of educators, have been heard with a simple majority.

Amendment C faces widespread opposition from business owners, workers, mayors of our cities, and rural residents alike, who all oppose Amendment C because they know it’s wrong for South Dakota’s future.

Don’t Forget to Vote – Tuesday, June 7