2022 Action Alert



HB 1337 Leads to Classroom Censorship and Denies Students the Freedom to Learn

We need your voice to ensure students have the freedom to learn! Urge legislators to vote NO on HB 1337! 

Why is HB 1337 Bad for Schools and Students?

HB 1337 creates another unnecessary level of government oversight – Our schools and educators already operate under multiple layers of accountability. This adds yet another layer to the already existing layers including Board of Education Standards, Professional Teachers Practices and Standards Commission, locally elected school boards, and school administrators.   

HB 1337 depends on criteria that are subjective – The criteria for what is defined as “divisive” is subjective and will have a chilling effect on how teachers approach lessons in their classrooms. Teaching will be reduced to rote memorization of dates and texts to avoid running afoul of this law. 

HB 1337 denies students the freedom to learn – Students will be denied the opportunity to have rich discussions that bring various perspectives to significant events in history and civics education. To avoid indoctrination, HB 1337 will deny students the opportunity to learn to ask questions and not just accept everything they hear as fact.  It also will prohibit hands-on learning by denying opportunities to learn how to be civic-minded citizens. 

Please contact your state representative and urge them to vote No on HB 1337!