SDEA Fall Webinar Series


Being an educator is probably as challenging as it has ever been.  SDEA is grateful for your commitment to students and the profession, and we want to help make your year a little easier.  So, between October 5 and December 7, SDEA is offering a series of 10 webinars based on topic interest cards returned by members and potential members. 

Sign up for one, three, or all ten webinars.  You choose the dates and topics that work for you. All webinars are on Tuesdays beginning at 5:15 pm CST/4:15 MT and run for an hour each.  Most sessions are worth a one hour continuing education unit (CEU) toward recertification.  Register today at

October 5         Trauma in the Classroom    REGISTER

Effective management of your classroom is essential to your students’ success.  Today’s classroom management includes trauma-informed practices, and for those new to the concept, this session will provide some introductory best practices which you can begin to implement immediately.  Facilitated by Rich Mittelstedt.

October 12       Differentiated SLOs and the SD Teacher Effectiveness Model   REGISTER

Most school districts use the SD Teacher Effectiveness Model for teacher growth and evaluation, based on the Charlotte Danielson Model.  Up to 8 components from 4 domains are evaluated in each cycle.  Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are the measure of student growth used, but some methods are easier to write and measure than others.  Learn how to write a differentiated SLO, get a review of the evaluation process, and get a glimpse of additional training available to write quality assessments. Facilitated by Rich Mittelstedt

October 19       Reducing your Student Debt Obligations   REGISTER

Debt from student loans after you graduate can be overwhelming.  SDEA can assist you in navigating which debt forgiveness programs you qualify for, and which programs best fit your needs.  Join NEA-MB representative Darby Warne-Boyd to see how this program works. 

October 26       Mindfulness in the Classroom   REGISTER

Research is teaching us that a lot of student behaviors are related to childhood trauma and other factors that impact brain development. Teaching to the social and emotional needs of students and building relationships is the key to de-escalating behaviors and fostering learning. Join SDEA member and NEA Teaching Fellow Korey Erickson for some easy-to-implement activities. 

November 2     Resilient Habits for Educators   REGISTER

Educators consistently put the needs of their students above their personal needs.  However, it is impossible to take care of your students if you are not taking care of yourself. SDEA member and NEA Teaching Fellow Korey Erickson will explore tips to stay mentally fit throughout the year so that you have more to give to your students each and every day.

 November 9     Creating Equitable Systems: Understanding “Isms” and Microagressions   REGISTER

Our public schools welcome students from many different places and diverse backgrounds.  SDEA members work to ensure all students are treated with fairness in their classrooms and schools. Join SDEA member and NEA Teaching Fellow Korey Erickson to examine resources and methods to help address  inequitable treatment that students may face in the classroom or community. 

November 16   What Medicaid Expansion Means for Your School Community   REGISTER

SDEA has joined with allies in a group called South Dakotans Decide Healthcare to work to expand Medicaid support in the state.  Sandra Waltman, SDEA Government Relations Director, will present the reasons why Medicaid expansion is important to public education and to students in the state, as well as telling you how you can be involved in this process. 

November 23   Classroom Tools for Paraprofessionals   REGISTER

Paraprofessionals are rarely given the time to explore new tech tools on the job.  THIS is a chance to survey some helpful websites and technology to help educators ge to the solutions they need more quickly. SDEA Member and NEA Teaching Fellow Korey Erickson will lead this session, with time in a breakout room to explore one or more of the tools presented. 

November 30   Paraprofessional Rights and Responsibilities    REGISTER

What’s the key to a successful meeting with a supervisor?  How does one deal with a workplace assault?  What are the best practices for representing an at-will employee?  Answers to these questions and more will be presented in this session with SDEA UniServ Director and ESP Advisor Phil Moore. 

December 7      Become Your Own Special Education Advocate   REGISTER

Special Education issues have become the business of all educators, but training for mainstream classroom teachers and paras has often not kept pace with the need for information.  Educators need to know not only how to advocate for and act in the best interests of all students, but also for themselves.  SDEA Teaching and Learning Coordinator Rich Mittelstedt discusses federal and state law regarding referrals, placement, IEPs, behavior, restraint, and advocacy.