Bridget Ebert, Colton, SD

My name is Bridget Ebert. I am a member of the Tri-Valley School District Education Association. I have been a member for the past 16 years with our organization, TVEA. This past year I was elected to take the role of TVEA President. The reason I joined TVEA and SDEA was to be part of a professional community that included my teaching colleagues within the district. I also joined SDEA because I wanted an opportunity to make a difference with teachers and for teachers where our progress would lead to a great educational opportunity for our students. I love being part of a community that promotes heart, passion, engagement, and leadership. SDEA does that for me and allows me to build that same type of community I desire in my local organization. Along with the benefits I receive through this professional organization, I feel I can give back because I have been able to gain so much along the way. This is a give and take foundational approach to leading by example, listening to perspectives, and providing a way to make education better for all.