Barbara Nicholas, Huron, SD


South Dakota Teacher of the Year: Region 3

Barbara Nicholas
Huron Education Association
Elementary Music Educator at the Buchanan K-1 Center
40 years as an SDEA Member

My reason for joining this organization is because I have always had the highest regard for teachers. Being a member affords me the opportunity to join the professional organization that represents educators and fosters a relationship among its members.  It is rewarding to know that I am among professionals who like myself are dedicating themselves to educating students to the best of their ability.

I believe that it is highly important for our organization to continue its effort to encourage new teachers to become members.  Educators who are non-members need to be apprised of the necessity to have professional representation in their local, state and national organizations that will interface with legislators and legislative issues, local school boards and administrators, and contractual issues.  Our future is dependent upon the growth of our membership to remain the most relevant educational organization in our state.