January 30 | SDEA Bargaining Conference



10:00 AM CST/9:00 AM MT
Using the SDEA Bargaining Toolkit
(Receive online access to financial tools to help you examine your district's finances and to compare your district's income and expenses to other districts.)

11:00 AM CST/10 AM MT
Receive an update on the latest action in the SD Legislature
and join in discussion with other locals and SDEA staff about how legislative outcomes may impact your district.

11:30 AM CST/10:30 AM MT
Addressing Common Goals
: A look at language all locals should have in a contract.

12:00 PM CST/11: AM MT
Bargaining 101
(We will give you a quick introduction to the bargaining process and terminology, legal requirements, tactics and best practices. This session includes access to a Bargaining 101 handbook.)

Upon registration you will receive an email confirmation with a Zoom link to join the conference. Additional reminders will be sent two days, two hours, and 10 minutes before the virtual conference starts.