Mission’s Ray Crow Receives SDEA/NEA’s SuAnne Big Crow Human and Civil Rights Award


PIERRE – The South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) presented the SuAnne Big Crow Human Civil Rights Award to Ray Crow of Todd County High School. The award is given to honor an individual, student or organization for their work in promoting human and civil rights.  Crow was nominated by community members who see him set an example for us all every single day.

SDEA President Mary McCorkle said young individuals like Ray can teach us all about respect and kindness.  “Ray is a talented young man who courageously steps up and speaks for those who can’t always speak for themselves,” said McCorkle.  “He is not just a role model for students, he is a role model for us all.  Ray helps others build confidence in themselves because he believes everyone is important.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, Ray lets you know that you have value. That is something we can all learn from. He is most deserving of this award.”