SDEA Awards Ramia Boersma Scholarship to Three High School Seniors


Pierre –  The South Dakota Education Association (SDEA) has awarded three future teachers the Ramia Boersma scholarship.  The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who are in the top one-third of their class and planning to enroll in a college or university teacher preparation program.  Recipients are also children or grandchildren of current SDEA or SDEA-Retired members.  The 2020 year’s winners include:

     Elizabeth Duffy – Stanley County High School
     Marcis Hausman – Estelline High School 
     Peter Moriarty – Sioux Falls Roosevelt High School

SDEA President Mary McCorkle says the recipients are excellent candidates to carry on the teaching profession. “We are pleased to be awarding this scholarship to these three individuals.  They are the best and brightest of South Dakota and it is exciting that they are choosing the teaching profession as their career path,” said McCorkle. “The future of education is bright when high school students like Elizabeth, Marcis and Peter decide to use their talents to teach the next generation. We look forward to seeing them in our classrooms in the years to come.”