April 3-4 — 2020 SDEA Representative Assembly


April 3–4, 2020 SDEA RA virtual meeting via Zoom.

Friday, April 3

7:00 pm                  Delegate virtual check in

7:15 pm                  Treasurer’s Report

7:30 – 8:30 pm      Presentation of the SDEA Strategic Budget & Hearing

Saturday, April 4

7:45 am                Delegate virtual check in

8:00 am                Business Session
                                Adoption of Rules of Order
                                Adoption of the Agenda
                                NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia
                                Credentials Report
                                Report of Task Forces: consent calendar
                                     •   Reapportionment Task Force
                                     •   NBI 7 — Fiscal Review Task Force
                                Report of Committees: consent calendar
                                     •   Friend of Education/Human & Civil Rights
                                     •   Scholarship Committee
                                Bylaw Amendments
                                New Business Items
                                2021 Legislative Agenda: consent calendar
                                Closing remarks
                                Sine die Adjournment

Most documents necessary for the 2020 SDEA RA can be found at