NEA Member Benefits Relief Fund

NEA Member Benefits Relief Fund
Frequently Asked Questions
September 2018 

What do state affiliates need to know about the NEA Member Benefits Relief Fund (“MB Fund”)?
  • The MB Fund is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization used as a vehicle to collect and distribute contributions and funds to state affiliates for members and their schools, in connection with natural and man-made disasters and hardships.
  • Relief funds are collected through various sources and 100% of the contributions are available for member assistance on an as-needed basis.

What do state affiliates need to do to request relief funding?

  • On a case-by-case basis, NEA MB considers requests by state affiliates for relief funds. Such requests must be submitted by the state affiliate President and/or Executive Director in electronic correspondence to the NEA MB President & CEO Gary Phoebus at

How are the relief funds distributed to state affiliates?

  • Relief funds are allocated to impacted state affiliates to distribute to members and schools based on criteria decided by the state affiliate.
  • NEA MB distributes relief funds to state affiliates in two ways: 1) by wire transfer; or 2) through gift cards.

What information is required from the state affiliate to NEA MB in order to receive relief funding?

  • In order to be eligible for relief funding, a state affiliate must provide the following information to NEA MB:

A description of the natural or man-made disaster or hardship serving as the cause for the request, including the locals impacted. A list of schools must also be provided if the request for relief funding is for specific buildings/work sites.;

The total amount of relief funding requested;

The projected number of members who will benefit from relief funding;

The anticipated method of allocation of relief funds to affected members and/or schools, including:

  • The eligibility criteria utilized by the state affiliate to award relief funds to affected members;
  • The approach to allocating relief funds to affected members (e.g. checks, gift cards, etc.); and
  • Any differentiation in tiered allocation amounts to affected members and how the differentiation is determined by the state affiliate;

The timeframe and end date from which allocations will be made to affected members;

The method(s) of branding that will be incorporated by the state affiliate to ensure members know the role of NEA MB in the relief effort; and

A state affiliate point of contact for NEA MB. NEA MB prefers this person to be the state affiliate Executive Director or Business Manager. It is the intent for NEA MB and the state affiliate to remain in contact once the decision is made by the MB Fund’s Board of Directors to award relief funding to the state affiliate on behalf of affected members. This ongoing communication will help assess the continuing needs of the state affiliate, including whether additional relief funding is necessary.

What information is required after the relief funds are provided to the state affiliate?

  • After the distribution from the MB Fund is made to a state affiliate and the relief funds allocation process is complete, the state affiliate must provide the following information within 30 days of the state affiliate’s allocation process end date, in order to remain eligible for future distributions from the MB Fund:

The total number of members by local who received relief funding;

The total number of schools/work sites that received relief funding, including specific dollar amounts per school/work site; and

The total amount of relief funding remaining unallocated to members and schools/work sites.

  • If any amount of relief funds distributed from the MB Fund remains unallocated by the state affiliate, this amount must be returned to NEA MB within 15 days of reporting this information so that it can placed back into the MB Fund.
The NEA Member Benefits FEMA declared disaster relief information is available at