Fallon Budmayr, BHSU


Hello! My name is Fallon Budmayr. I am currently attending Black Hills State University as an Aspiring Educator. At BHSU, I am studying Special and Elementary Education with a minor in Early Childhood. I have been a member for a year now. My reason for joining SDEA is because coming into my freshman year, I was eager to get involved in clubs who would be able to help further benefit my future as an Aspiring Educator. I was introduced to our local association, then the state association, and lucky enough this year to also be introduced to the association on the national level. As I was able to attend both the Aspiring Educator Conference and Representative Assembly in Houston, Texas. The possibilities through SDEA/NEA are endless. The best part of joining is that I have connected with so many others as a support system with similar values. Lastly being an active voice for educators is very important to me, and SDEA/NEA allows me the opportunity to do that.