November 12–16 — American Education Week


Day by Day Ideas

Monday: Kickoff Day

  • Happy American Education Week! We honor the team of people who work with our students. The classroom teacher, the bus driver, the cafeteria worker and administrative staff. Thank you!   
  • Online toolkit: Promotional Materials

Tuesday: Parents Day

  • Dear parents and guardians: Join us in celebrating AEW2018. We welcome you as we work together so your children will succeed in school. #PublicSchoolsForAll
  •  Happy Parent’s Day! To thank you for your support of public schools, here’s a resource to help you engage, motivate and support your child. #PublicSchoolsForAll
  • Online toolkit: Parents Day    Parents letter      Response letter      Letter to Media

Wednesday: Education Support Professionals Day

Education Support Professionals make sure (literally) that our public schools are OPEN to all. Thank you!!! #AEW2018 #PublicSchoolsForAll

  • Thank an Education Support Professional today—they’re a vital part of ensuring student success! We can’t have a school without them. #AEW2018 #PublicSchoolsForAll
  • Wear #RedForEd to show your support for ESPs!    

Thursday: Educator for a Day

  • It’s an American Education Week tradition: step into an educator’s shoes and see if you can do what they do! Challenge Accepted?    Educator for the Day Toolkits

Friday: Substitute Educator Day

  • It’s not easy to put on a borrowed cape and teach new students but they make it work each day. Happy Substitute Educator’s Day!  Research & Tools

Saturday: We have more!

  • It’s not too late to celebrate American Education Week! So how about a quiz? It’s not high stakes! :)
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