August 1 — EdCamp – Watertown

Free! Participant-Driven. Innovative. Energized.

July 23–25 — Jump Start! Training

Join us for an intensive summer seminar geared for teachers pursuing NBCT status.

June 13–14 — I Can Do It! Classroom Management Workshop

A successful teaching career or an early exit is almost solely determined by classroom management skills. SDEA is excited to unveil an updated training that originated in California over 20 years ago, designed to provide teachers with the tools they need to set up and maintain a well-managed classroom. Highly engaging and interactive, effective veteran teachers find immediate value and relevance in the training as much as new teachers. The training uses SDEA’s First Years, Great Career booklet as a resource.

May 7–11 — National Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers give us so much. A boost of confidence when we really need one. Extra help when we’re having trouble. A welcoming presence when everything else seems out of control. And though we know we can’t ever thank them enough, we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our appreciation for the special educators in our lives.

SDEA/NEA Election Results

The SDEA/NEA Elections Committee met on April 27, 2018, to count and certify the results of the election. Pursuant to SDEA Board of Directors motion at its January 19–20, 2018, meeting, no ballots were sent regarding the SDEA Board of Director positions as these races were completely unopposed.

April 28 — EdCamp – Black Hills

Free! Participant-Driven. Innovative. Energized.

April 20–21 — 2018 SDEA State Student Conference

The SDEA Student Conference will be held April 20th–21st at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, SD

April 14 — SDRS Retirement Seminar

Join SDEA-Retired for SDRS retirement information, Horace Mann insurance & financial information, access to an on-site attorney and lunch.

April 11 — Degrees Not Debt

Federal Student Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Option Seminar

2018 SDEA/NEA Election

SDEA/NEA Candidate Statements for the upcoming 2018 election.