2022 SDEA/NEA Election


2022 SDEA/NEA Candidate List

All of the SDEA Officer, Board of Directors and NEA RA delegate races are uncontested except for one Board of Directors race in the EGL unit. Consequently, at its January 21–22 meeting, the SDEA Board of Directors voted to send ballots only to the EGL unit for that one contested race allowing the Elections Committee to declare the winners of the uncontested races without the need to send ballots for those uncontested races. That means all other races will not receive ballots. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact SDEA President Loren Paul,, Elections Committee Chair, Stephanie Hageman,, or Elections Committee Liaison Anne Plooster,

Board of Director Officer Candidates:

Tess Canet
I am a career member of SDEA. I have sat on the Board of Directors representing the Plains Unit for 3 terms and during that time I have been a member of the budget committee. As a member of the budget committee, I have been very vocal in ensuring that our membership dues be utilized to support our members and the goals of SDEA cutting excessive spending in areas that we didn’t need, as well as being transparent to members. If I am elected as the SDEA Treasurer I will continue to be vocal about how to best direct the dues dollars for the benefit of our members with continued transparency to the SDEA members.

Board of Director Candidates:

Eastern Prairie
Lisa Weier
My name is Lisa Weier and I am asking for your vote to represent Eastern Prairie on the SDEA Board of Directors. I am excited to work on building relationships within our UniServ and having a collective voice at the state and national level. 

Kim Soldatke
It has been an honor being in leadership for SDEA. I will listen, ask questions and continue to be passionate about public education as a representative for Eastern Prairie. It is important to me to strengthen and protect our profession. Together we can make great things happen! 

EGL (2-year) 
Olivia Forman
I am Olivia Forman, in my seventh year of teaching, and currently serve as the Watertown Education Association President. This role has shown me how important it is for teachers to be involved and to have a voice. I would like to serve as your representative for the EGL unit.

Steve O’Brien
Through 34 years of membership, I have seen the power of local affiliates to affect change in districts. Sometimes that change is in conjunction with administration; sometimes in opposition. I would like to see educators scale up to the state-wide potential of SDEA to organize and promote education issues.

Plains (2-year)
Kim Doherty
Hello, I’m Kim Doherty. I am a current member of SDEA and value the association and what they do for their members throughout the state. I am looking forward to the opportunity to be the representative for the Plains Unit and the future of SDEA. I would appreciate your vote. 

SEE (1-year)
Alexis Smith
As a current Board member, it is a joy to collaborate with other passionate educators from around the state and make decisions about what is best for the students of South Dakota. I will continue to advocate for all students.

Paula McMahan
I am running for an SDEA Board of Directors SEE position. Educators are facing larger challenges than ever before and our voices need to be heard. It is my desire and passion to advocate for students and educators. Let me be there for you. I want to listen and help!

Western (1-year)
Tyresha Grey Horse
Hello! My name is Tyresha. I teach Science and Social Studies to 6th grade students. I can bring a beneficial perspective to the SDEA Board. As a registered member of the Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe, I want to be a voice for indigenous educators and students in this beautiful state.

Western (2-year)
Carol Waider
I live in Rapid City, SD and work for Meade School District. I’ve been a teacher and member of SDEA for 22 years. I’ve served as an appointed member of the board of directors. When elected I will continue this work and be a strong voice for teachers. 

COHE (1-year)
Carri Easley
I was a Yankton Education Association member for 10 years and have been a SDSU COHE member for 10 years. My range of experience has allowed me to develop a common-sense approach to decision making and if chosen, would be honored to serve in the COHE Board of Director position.

NEA/RA Delegates Candidates:

Eastern Prairie NEA/RA Delegate
Lisa Jennings
As NEA ESP-At-Large Director I have the knowledge and experience to represent not only ESP, but all educators at the national level. I would be honored to take that experience and serve as a delegate for the students and educators of South Dakota.

Jennifer Bergan Gabor
As the Eastern Prairie Chair and the SDEA Representative to the NEA Resolutions Committee, I want to continue serving in this capacity. I love to help wordsmith the belief statements of this organization at this time in education that is continually changing. Thank you for your vote to support me.

SEE NEA/RA Delegate
Paula McMahan
I would love to represent SDEA at the NEA RA. Being a part of democracy at work in a group of thousands of educators is exhilarating. I would love to lend my voice to action that will benefit educators nationwide!

Western NEA/RA Delegate
Koreen Hammel
I have been a member of SDEA for 19 years. I want to be a voice and advocate for teachers in the state. All teachers need to be heard and understood when it comes to education issues. I listen to all sides of the story and find common ground solutions. 

NEA/RA Delegate At-Large
Barbara Lindquist
I would like to be a delegate to the 2022 NEA Representative Assembly. I was a delegate a number of years ago. It was an enlightening experience and I returned reinvigorated to help my local move forward. I would like the opportunity to do that once again.  

Kelsey Lovseth
I am Kelsey Lovseth, and I would be honored to attend the 2022 NEA RA.  I have served on the SDEA Board of Directors since 2020 and have been actively involved in several sub-committees/teams: including EPIC, hiring the New Executive Director, Legislative Action Teams and the budget committee. 

Virginia Colgan
At the 2021 RA, I was appointed to serve on the Elections’ Committee and as the alternate for the Resolutions Committee at the 2022 RA. To fulfill this honor, I declare my candidacy for the Eastern Prairie or Delegate At-Large positions for South Dakota. Let your voice be heard! 

Tim Eckart
I am the local president for SFEA. It is my hope to represent SD at the NEA RA in order to bring important information back to our state.

Alexis Smith
I will ensure our South Dakota voice is heard when making important decisions for our national organization. I attended several state RAs both as an aspiring educator and early career educator, and I would love to have that experience magnified on a national level.