August 1 — EdCamp – Watertown


An EdCamp is a form of an UNconference, where participants will design the day to meet their own needs!  

Join us at the Watertown Intermediate School on Wednesday, August 1st at 8:00 am.  We will begin in the Arrow Zone.  In conjunction with SDEA, the Watertown School District will be hosting a FREE EdCamp day for any and all educators.  Facilitators will help guide the group through the brainstorming process to develop session ideas, and a agenda for the day will be created based on YOUR suggestions.  There will be four breakout sessions, with a lunch break built in.  No sessions, prepared presentations or pre-set schedules- just real educators sharing real ideas about things that matter most to them!

​The power of the day comes from the participants – the more the merrier!  Please plan to participate in the entire day.  There will be drawings and prizes at the end of the day.

EdCamps are FREE for all participants!  The six hours of this day can be used towards credits or CEUs.

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What is EdCamp?