November 13–17 — American Education Week


2017's theme will be reflected in special observances each day of the 2017 weeklong celebration:


13 – Kickoff Day
Celebrate excellence in education by hosting events and activities.

14 – Parents Day

Invite parents and family members to school for a first-hand look at a typical school day.

15 – Education Support Professionals Day
Recognize paraeducators, bus drivers, food service workers, maintenance staff and all other ESPs who meet the needs of the whole student.

ESP Day Planning Guide
ESP Video
Let’s Learn About ESPs Coloring Book

16 – Educator for a Day
Encourage elected officials and community leaders to serve as “educators for a day” for a hands-on school experience.

Educator for a Day toolkit

17 – Substitute Educators Day
Honor and celebrate educators who are called on to substitute for regular classroom teachers in their absence for their services.

Who would you ask to be a substitute teacher at your school?