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Student Program




Mission Statement:

The NEA Student Program will address the needs of today's diverse student population in order to facilitate student achievement by preparing pre-professional educators with ideals of professional ethics and standards.

The National Education Association Student Program strives to:

  • promote community partnerships
  • foster leadership through pre-professional opportunities and peer mentoring
  • promote membership among diverse populations
  • provide networking opportunities
  • supplement formal teacher-education training
  • promote the national accreditation of teacher-education training
  • recruit and retain pre-professional members, and
  • maintain a presence at all NEA conferences.
  • The NEA Student Program is Essential

Nearly 2 million teachers across the country retired last year. We must take aggressive steps to replace these educators and ensure a quality teacher in every classroom. NEA supports teachers who are well qualified and prepared for their careers.

             Cecelia Gorder, Student President
     South Dakota State University


Graduate study opportunity unveiled

The James Madison Fellowships were created to honor Madison's legacy and Madisonian principles by providing support for graduate study that focuses on the Constitution—its history and contemporary relevance to the practices and policies of democratic government. The benefits of the fellowship program are manifold and lasting. Fellowship recipients have a unique opportunity to strengthen their research, writing, and analytical skills. In the process they form professional ties that can significantly influence their career aspirations. Fellows gain a deeper understanding of the principles of constitutional government which they in turn transmit to their students. In this way the James Madison Fellowships ensure that the spirit and practical wisdom of the Constitution will guide the actions of future generations of American citizens.

Deadline: March 1, 2013

Eligiblity requirements or sign up online


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